Hickory Smoked Baked Chicken Breast Recipe


2 Chicken breast (with the bone in and skin on)
Hickory smoked grape seed oil
Fresh ground black pepper
Reduced Fat Feta Cheese
Chopped Elephant Garlic
Mexican Oregano
Ground Chipotle
Cajun Seasoning

Baking Temp and Duration:

350 F degrees
38 minutes

Your local butcher / respectable grocery store should be able to provide you with bone-in chicken breasts. I’m typically cooking for two, so that’s what the recipe calls for.

As far as the spices listed above, there are no quantities provided because they act as more of an accent to the overall flavor. Maybe 1/2 of a teaspoon each for the Chipotle, Mexican Oregano, Cajun, black pepper and sage per breast. Put the spices into a small bowl and mix them up for later.

Now get ready to get messy…

Get yourself a small bowl and pour in a little of the hickory smoked grape seed oil. Dunk your fingers in and smother the chicken breast with the oil. Lift up the chicken skin and coat the breast. Take a few pinches of the spice and try to sprinkle them under the skin.

Work your fingers around under the skin to get the spice spread around. Also sprinkle some of the spices on the outer layer of the skin, on both sides of the breast. Also take some of the Feta Cheese and chopped garlic and place underneath the skin of the breast.

I usually let mine sit for an hour or so before baking. Give all of the spices, oil and cheese plenty of time to mingle and get happy. Bake for the specified time above and then let sit for 5 minutes or so before eating. You’ll find that the combination of the bone-in and skin on gives you incredibly moist and juicy chicken.

Simply remove the skin and enjoy.