Have you ever asked a web designer “How much does a website cost?” Did you get a straight answer? Maybe you didn’t get an answer at all. This is how much a website (from my services) will cost.

Web Design companies and agencies remain in a constant learning curve and evolution process due to the dynamic environment of its industry. Techniques, approaches and proper methods within the web design industry are in a constant flux as it adapts to coincide with evolving technologies.

Just because something was implemented and effective 6 months ago, does not mean it will automatically continue to be effective 6 months from now. Tweaks and adjustments to coding, SEO and branding techniques are necessary for the continued and successful longevity of a business website.

The following are important questions to ask a web designer. Having your first website built is a major step for your business. There are thousands of web designers out there. Finding the right one for you can be a long process. Don’t take it lightly. Take the time and do the investigative homework on the web designers in your area.

Why is it so imperative now for your business to have a website? How about…Survival? That’s a good reason. Growth…that’s an even better one. The effectiveness of traditional methods of advertising is declining at an alarming rate.