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WordPress: An Invaluable Content Management System



What is perhaps the best way to save time and thus increase overall efficiency in your life?


By having somebody else do the work for you. That’s where I come in.

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]t has become crucial in current times to have a blog as part of the integral functionality of your business’ website. Blogs allow you to convey and communicate your business’ structured and valued message(s) and information to your viewing audience, customers and/or investors.

WordPress has evolved into one of the best Content Management Systems on the internet due to the fact that it is not only a powerful, free and open-source platform, but it is also very easy to use and can be fully customized. WordPress provides you with the ability to update your own website by using the web browser of your choice. Although WordPress was originally designed for the primary use of blogging, it has continued to re-invent and apply itself into the realms of E-commerce, Corporate, Non-Profit and Magazine/Portfolio formats.

If you are in need of assistance for installing and configuring WordPress from the beginning process to the very end, I can help you out…

WordPress Installation and Configuration: I will install and configure a WordPress CMS (Content Management System) using techniques which will decrease any known vulnerabilities and further enhance the security of your website. I will place the website on a hosting account which belongs to you or your business. If you have not yet purchased hosting for your website I can advise you on where to shop if necessary, or also choose an SEO effective domain for your business’ website.

Theme Research: Based on the functionality and appearance needs of your new website I will research, locate and provide you with live examples of themes which fit your needs. Once you choose the theme of your choice, it will be purchased and installed. (Theme costs are generally in the $35 – $50 range).

Plugin Functionality: You may need your website to have a specified set of functionality. Whether it be a way to allow visitors to donate to your business or cause, a Contact Form with added security, a method to sell physical or digital products, or display artwork, graphic design or photography…there are numerous plugins which exist to supply these various functionalities. I will research, install and test plugins so your website suits your exact needs. The majority of plugins which already exist are usually free, however plugins for more specific and detailed purposes can cost up to or above $50.

Social Media: I will place links to-and-from your website for your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you have not created those accounts yet I can create them for you.

Search Engine Optimization: The process of optimizing your website in order to effectively feed the ever-hungry Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…), thus placing you in a better position to receive optimal web traffic. A combination of optimal plugins and proper keyword, description and title references are used to achieve the best result. In order for you to stay abreast on your websites performance and trends I will also install and configure Google Analytics.

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