Quality Assurance Testing Services

Time and care devoted for a smooth performance

Manual Testing: We follow industry standard techniques and Testing Life Cycle Models to manually test simple or complex applications.

Application Testing: We cater to all types of client applications and environments.

Mobile Testing: We test websites and mobile apps using multiple devices, multiple browsers and platforms to ensure they are user friendly and can attract more customers to our clients.

Agile Testing: Agile methodology requires quicker and effective testing of application so that clients can reach the market sooner. Scrum or Kanban, we have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Agile methodology and testing practices.

Automation Testing: We cover multi-browser and multi-platform testing to determine solutions reduce time and effort required by users. We are comfortable using tools like Selenium, JMeter (Performance Testing) or employ testing scripts using Jenkins that helps reduce regression testing time significantly.

Mobile Automation Testing: We use Appium as a mobile automation tool and create mobile automation scripts for various Native or Hybrid mobile applications.

API Testing: We employ industry standard tools like Swagger, Postman, and soapUI to test all types of APIs. We’re comfortable using JMeter to create ende-to end scenario testing for APIs.

Performance Testing: We can help fine tune application performance by analyzing Load and Stress Test Reports. We compare results with industry standard benchmarks to ensure customers have a soothing experience while using a website or mobile application.

Compatibility Testing: Testing applications and sites on multiple browsers and multiple platforms can be very tricky, but often crucial to the success of winning over a userbase. We adhere to industry standard guidelines for compatibility testing.

Security Testing: We are aligned with OWASP standards and methodologies to ensure mobile and web-based applications have proper security in place.

AWS Hosted Applications: We test AWS Rest APIs, AWS Hosted Applications and also test AWS Native resources depending on client requirements.

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