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Welcome to Milwaukee Web Design, LLC.

My name is Brian Ericson and I provide freelance website design services based out of Brookfield, WI.  I design, create and customize websites to fit your individual business needs. These websites provide a substantial first impression to suit both your and your business’ personality and identity. Your business and website are an extension of you. Set yourself apart and be different in order to help establish an online presence.

My services are provided at affordable – flat rates. Due to the fact that I am a freelancer I can turn projects around more efficiently than larger web design firms. In comparison to larger design firms, I am also able to charge less because I do not have any of the hefty overhead costs associated with running a firm. You will find that I am very flexible, accessible and also cost-effective.

You will gain my undivided attention when you acquire my services. Through my creativity, imagination, attention to detail and your feedback together we can produce a website for your company which is leaps and bounds above your competition. I take pride in my work as it is my creative passion. It is something which can be seen in the finished product.

With my services you never pay one cent until a contract is signed and services are initiated. All pre-contract meetings, discussion and research are always free. You should always know exactly what you are getting into before choosing a web designer. With me, you’ll find yourself confident and knowing what to expect at all times throughout the website design process.

Included within my services are: WordPress installation and setup, Outsourced Website Administrator Services, Ecommerce Services, Content Management and organic search engine optimization services. These services are all all aimed at assisting your company in making its presence known.


Are consultations free?

Absolutely.  Ask as many questions as you like.  None of my clients pay any fees until they are absolutely sure they want to business with me.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes.  I never work without a contract. A contract is provided for your review.  Prior to signing, if there is anything you feel uncomfortable with just let me know. We can change it to whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Do you charge by the hour, or do you charge a flat-fee?

I charge a flat-flee for the project as a whole. All of my pre-contract discussions or consultations are always free. After I have met with a potential new client I will send them a very detailed email outlining what I believe their needs are and what type of website will suit them best. I will also provide them with a cost estimate of the project. My cost estimates are based on how long I think the project will take to complete. If I project that their website will take 30 hours to complete, their billing will stop at 30 hours. If the project takes longer than 30 hours, my clients are not charged for the extra time.

Do your websites work on all devices?

Yes.  I only provide my clients with websites which are 100% responsive.  A Responsive Design website is designed and coded so it will sense what size of screen it is being viewed upon. It will then shrink and re-proportion itself if necessary. The purpose of this is to give the user a simplified and easy-to-use experience. It is now more important than ever for a website to work just as perfectly on smart phones and tablets as it does on desktop computers.

How long will it take to build my website?

Keep in mind you are not ordering a pizza. “30 minutes or less” is not a guarantee that I will give you. A website build is not something that should be rushed. I tell my potential clients that with whatever method is taken to determine of how long it will take, whether it be in minutes or days…to multiply that number by three. There are lots of things which can affect the amount of time it takes to build a website.

A lot of interaction occurs between myself and my clients. There can be several stages where information is needed from from you in order for the build to continue to its next stage. If I contact you on a Monday requesting information and no response is given until Wednesday…the project will not move along in an efficient manor.

The safe answer is 1 to 3 months. Or, 2 to 4 months for an Ecommerce website.

Do you provide hosting services?


I do not provide hosting services.  I recommend using Site Ground for your hosting and domain needs.

Do you also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services?

I sure do!

I will apply the same techniques and knowledge which currently have this website ranked #1 on Google for over 20 keyword combinations.

A quick summation of my SEO services can be found here: SEO Services


Brian at Milwaukee Web Design just completed a project for us – This was the BEST web experience we’ve ever had! Headache, hassle and worry free! And we’re extremely proud of the finished product. Milwaukee Web Design assisted us in selecting the very best website for our purposes – one that would be technically in tune now and in the future, and one that we could maintain for the most part on our own. Brian worked quickly and skilfully to complete our site on short notice and in less time than expected. It was wonderful to know that when I sent a request it would be handled promptly. Brian responded quickly and concisely to every request or question that we had, and exceeded our expectation in every aspect of the project.

Having little-to-no knowledge of all things “web” we were thrilled to have Brian by our side on this, guiding us through all of the necessary steps .. for not only a beautiful website, but one that functions well behind the scenes to drive traffic and feed search engines. In our opinion, Brian at Milwaukee Web Design went above and beyond the call of duty, delivered exceptional customer service and a stand out website – exactly what we were looking for … because we are extremely picky! I would not hesitate to recommend Brian/Milwaukee Web Design to anyone (whether you actually get to work in person with Brian or only via the Internet — we never met in person for this proejct, but the process was flawless) … he’s an exceptional individual, very talented, customer service driven, and professional all the way! We look forward to working with Milwaukee Web Design again on some of our upcoming projects.

Gail S.Andreas Wirth

Brian is the ideal independent web designer to work with. He is knowledgeable, understanding, and very organized in his process. I would highly recommend him to any business looking to have a dynamic website with SEO in tact!

Molly R.PEC Meetings Company

A big thank-you to Brian and Milwaukee Web Design for his expert, efficient and speedy service! His professional and easy going demeanor was a breath of fresh air compared to other website design companies that we considered. Brian is very approachable, enthusiastic and knowledgable! Our “eye-popping” Harold’s Koffee House website continues to generate attention from new customers and rave reviews from our regulars!

Matt B.Harold’s Koffee House

Brian did a fantastic job setting up my portfolio based website and power punching my SEO. As a graphic designer, it was imperative for me to work with someone who understood the importance of aesthetics and could trust leading the project while I focused on operating my business. If you want a professional,modern and easy to maintain website that will get you traffic, then you need to make Milwaukee Web Design your weapon of choice.

Tony S.Anthony Stone Graphic Design

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