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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

by Brian Ericson

Have you ever asked a web designer “How much does it cost to build a website?” Did you get a straight answer? Maybe you didn’t get an answer at all.

Maybe you got the, “Can YOU come to OUR office to discuss things, then we can suggest a price?”

So, you call them for a service…and they want you to make the effort to get your answer.  Frustrating, I know.

Look no further: This is how much a website (from our services) will cost.

Aside from our service fees there are other separate fees that you will need to consider:  Do you already have a domain purchased for your website? If not, that can cost you anywhere from $8 – $15 annually. What about a hosting account for the website? Annually they can cost $125 – $500+. For an Ecommerce website you may also need to purchase a dedicated IP address ($3 – $10 per month). Purchasing  an SSL Certificate ($50 – $150 annually) is also a must. What about photos? If you have no photos for your website then you may need to purchase royalty free stock photos. Adobe Stock is a great source for this.

So what’s the difference between basic and full Social Media Integration?

With basic social media integration we will:

  • Establish accounts for your business at the following social media locations: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • Those accounts will also be connected back to your website.
  • Icons for those social media accounts will be placed in a prime viewing location for your viewers.

Full social media integration takes things much further:

  • Profiles for your business established at: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.
  • Content driven information will be posted to your social media accounts.
  • Keyword based and content driven articles will also be created and posted to your website blog.
  • Frequency of posting keyword and content driven content will be based on they type of business you operate. It will also be based on your current audience and the new audience that you want to attract.

We offer monthly buckets of hours (10 or 20) based on your needs.

So what’s the difference between basic and full Search Engine Optimization?

Basic search engine optimization includes:

  • Google Business/Places account established.
  • Keyword research, title and meta tag optimization, image title optimization, on page content optimization, page address/URL optimization.
  • Sitemap submission to Google and the Yahoo! Bing network.

Full search engine optimization also takes things much further:

  • Initial search engine optimization audit report.
  • Website submission to targeted directories.
  • Competition benchmark research and report.
  • Keyword and traffic monitoring.
  • Anchor text optimization.
  • Backlink establishment and monitoring.

Why do I even need Social Media Integration or Search Engine Optimization?

Because without them it is highly unlikely your new website will ever come close to page 1 in Google. Unfortunately, simply buying a website does not guarantee that your phone will begin to ring.

This website is now ranked #1 on Google for over 20 keywords. The same techniques can be applied to your business website.

As always please feel free to Contact us with any questions you may have.

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