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What is SEO? And Why Do You Need It?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of adjusting and massaging a websites content, coding and architecture. This is performed in order for a website to place as high as possible on Page 1 in search engines.

Think about it, when you want to find something online what do you do? You go to Google and type in what you are looking for. You are then presented with results which are relevant to your search. When used in a proper and ethical manner, the various components of SEO will work in unison to position your website at the top of the search engines. Overall there are about 145 different ranking factors to consider for any given web page.

For example greater than 90% of people who find a website get there from a search engine. You need proper SEO in order to ensure that your website will be found. And found quickly. We are quickly becoming a “now” society. If we want something, we want it NOW. We are also becoming an “on the go” society. Thanks to smart phones and tablets an incredible amount of information is only a few clicks or finger taps away. No matter where we are. For instance by 2020 there will be an estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide.

With more and more people purchasing untethered equipment (tablets, smartphones) SEO is now more important than ever before. As a result there is now a potential to reach larger audiences than in previous times. Without SEO, it is unlikely your website will be found.

As a Milwaukee SEO Company, what exactly do we do?

We Research Your Competition

This is done to see how your website your website fares against your competitors websites. As a milwaukee seo company we learn from this: what can be done to improve your search engine placement. For example what areas are your competition not capitalizing on? We’ll target those areas.

Targeted Keywords

Analysis of current keyword trends and how your website can use them. Targeted keywords are specific phrases that your potential customers might type into a search engine hoping to find a website that holds the content they are looking for.

Website Structure

Health status of your website and what may need to be tweaked or adjusted.  The cleaner and more efficient your website structure is, the better it’s chance is of ranking better in search engines. Above all, a good website structure equates to a better user experience.

On-Page Optimization

Getting those 145 different ranking factors to work in unison for your website. Focusing on providing good rewarding content is a must. Similarly, optimizing title tags and meta descriptions are also important areas to optimize.

Content Depth and Readability

Creation or addition of good, valuable and easily readable content.

Local Reach and Optimization

As a Milwaukee SEO company, we also Prepare and submit your website data to Google and Bing. Link creation to various social medias which emphasize local audiences.


This depends on many factors. A few them are:

  • How many others are using the same keyword(s) that your are? Does the keyword you want to target have a high or low competition factor?
  • How old is your website/domain? Google favors websites with a good history over brand new sites. An older website helps establish trust.
  • What is your geographic target audience? Local results are quicker to achieve. National results can take longer to achieve.

No. We would never guarantee anybody a #1 ranking. And you should run far away from any milwaukee seo company who does.

The rules and techniques which are used to maintain high search engine rankings are constantly changing and evolving. A lot of time and patience is involved to maintain favorable search engine rankings.

Only the search engines know definitively what it will take going forward for search engine placement. What works right now will not necessarily work 6 months from now. Therefore anyone who promises you a #1 ranking is not being honest with you.

No link buying. Ever.

A good SEO approach is one in which your website earns its ranking. Ranking high in search engines by taking shortcuts or cheating the system is a recipe for disaster.

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