What is the Average Website Lifespan?

Has your industry or competition evolved and passed you?

So what is the average lifespan of a website? The short answer is: just under 3 years.

However the websites we develop last longer than most before needing a refresh to match evolving industry standards.

There are may factors that go into how long a new website will last. Has your industry or competition evolved since your new or current website was launched? Has your direction or overall message changed over time? What about aesthetics? Is your website keeping up with current design trends? Is your website still functioning properly on mobile devices? Has your website traffic declined over time? Or did you just simply hire the wrong company to develop and design your current website?

Then why do some websites last longer than others? There are also several variables with this question to be considered. If your competition is not doing their homework or are simply neglecting their own website, this can in turn extend the lifespan of your website. What level of effort are you putting into your website to keep it relevant and ahead of your competition? A website is simply not a “set it and forget it” type of marketing tool. However by maintaining and caring for your website you can extend its lifespan.

So How Do You Extend A Website’s Lifespan?

In other words you can start by, “keeping it fresh.” Not only should your content be relevant to your audience, it should also be current and new. Don’t just keep your audience informed. Rather, keep them interested by educating them with new content. And by new content I don’t just mean verbiage. You can introduce new images, a new font or perhaps an additional splash of color here and there.

Above all pay attention to your Google Analytics data.  By reviewing what content and pages your viewers are visiting you can adjust the position of your most important pages in your navigation menu.

In addition you can also refresh or redesign the home page of your website.  But remember to introduce any new design elements or aesthetics to the rest of the website as well. Overall flow and consistency is key.

Similarly if you audience or clientele changes, it is an absolute necessity that your website needs to change along with it.

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