Website Optimization for Page Loading Speed

Don’t lose potential new customers because of a slow website

Improve User Experience
Increase Webpage Ranking
Help Visitor Retention
Reduce Bounce Rate

Page loading speed can dramatically impact your website’s ranking in search engines and bounce rate.

In our fast paced on-the-go society, letting your audience wait for a webpage to load is inexcusable. Are you aware of how slow or how fast your company website is? To find out, you can go here: Google PageSpeed Insights. Simply type in your website URL, click “Analyze” and wait for the results.

How did your website do?

A score of 0-49 is bad.

50-89 is average.

90 and above is good, which is where you need to be.

What Could Be Causing Your Website To Be Slow?

Your website could be loading pages slowly because of numerous factors.  The most common issues are:

  1. Images that are not optimized
  2. Javascript issues
  3. A high number of ads running
  4. A bad or slow hosting account (learn how we can help you with this)
  5. GZIP Compression is not enabled
  6. Too many HTTP requests
  7. An unecessary amount of flashy contents

How Do We Improve Your Website Page Loading Speed?

First, we perform an audit of your website to learn how it was built. We then implement a multi-step process to assess and improve your websites page loading speed. Our process includes and is not limited to:

  1. image and website files management
  2. CDN optimization
  3. javascript and coding management
  4. cache management
  5. website backend efficiencies

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