The act of buying a website does not alone guarantee that your phone will begin to ring. A website is now a vital tool for the growth and survival of a business. In a world that is becoming more virtual and personalized every day, not having a website for your business can be deadly.

As web Designers, we don’t make the rules. We adapt to them in order to provide the best possible result. Web design as a whole has to constantly evolve to three factors: 1.) Technology 2.) Google 3.) You, the customer An example of this is a current debate between what type of website is better. […]

Keep in mind that it has been a few years since websites were primarily designed for desktop or laptop computers. It is estimated that 195 million tablets will be sold by 2015. Some people are even weighing the idea of ending the use of PC’s for their businesses. Stop and consider that for a moment. The medium for which you website was designed for could quickly become obsolete.

In a sense, a WordPress theme is an already completed and built website that you can see in its finished form. Somebody else has already done the design work. Somebody else has already completed all of the necessary and rigorous testing to achieve a stable and effective website.